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Bankston Architectural

A beautiful space reveals the character and personality of those who not only inhabit it, but also those who help to create it. It becomes a living extension of their identity. Life which is realised in the finishing touches – the idea that a living space makes a connection to its residents through a crafted balance of design and beauty that is as accessible as it is enduring.

Bankston. Finishes That Connect.

Collaborative Focus

As custodians of their craft, Bankston have proudly established a series of product collaborations with studios that champion innovative design. Casts is the latest in this series, it serves as an artful collaboration with multi-award winning Melbourne architecture practice Edition Office. In 2021 Bankston launched Super Collection, designed in collaboration with Sans-Arc Studio Super Collection celebrates the joy in the unexpected, bringing engaging designs to the architectural hardware space.


As custodians of their craft, Bankston have proudly established a series of product collaborations with studios that champion innovative design.

Casts is the latest in this series and serves as an artful collaboration with multi-award-winning Melbourne architecture practice Edition Office. The collection of levers, pulls, a snib, and a hook continues an exploration of expression and form while articulating the relationship between person and place.

With a unique identity and robust physicality, the Casts statement collection does not compete with architecture or interior design; instead, serves to enhance. Casts engages design at the utilitarian – honouring craft, material, tactility, and ratio.

Edition Office

Launched in 2016 by Kim Bridgland and Aaron Roberts, Edition Office is the result of a design shorthand which enabled clarity in design concepts and outcomes. The practice was named with the intent that each building, object, design, or event would be seen as an ‘edition’ within a broader body of work. Key to their practice is collaboration – which includes works for the National Gallery of Victoria and Canberra War Memorial.

Together, Bankston and Edition Office saw an opportunity to do something unique in the market, inviting innovation to the current state of the architectural hardware industry – a test of ground-breaking, risk-taking craft.

Bankston + Sans Arc

Sans-Arc Studio are an award-winning design and architecture firm renowned for creating human-oriented spaces full of wonder and excitement that sit firmly outside of the norm. In partnership with Bankston Architectural, a leading manufacturer of luxury architectural hardware, they have co-created a limited-edition collection of bold door hardware that celebrates the joy in the unexpected.

Super Collection by Bankston + Sans-Arc largely draws inspiration from the Radical Design Movement of the 1960s, a period that heralded a new way of thinking, encouraging daring explorations of shape, colour and material.

Super Collection

“This is not like other hardware. These are little bits of sculpture for your doors. This collection is made of lots of different shapes. You can put them in your palazzo, pool house, or pavilion. Form vs function? We think both. Form and function. Ok?”

– Matiya Marovich
Director Sans Arc Studio

Bankston approached Sans-Arc with a simple brief; design a range of unique products that break the mould and reflect the essence of their practice. Sans-Arc have imbued their playful, referential, and off-beat style into every product in the Super Collection.

Drawing from different scales of design and objects of human interaction, the creative process centred around the themes of shape, geometry, and contrast. The final collection reflects a consistent design language, one that values and embraces irregularity. The eclectic approach taken by Sans-Arc leaving each design with its own unique story to tell.

Once the product designs were finalised, rigorous testing was employed to guarantee the functionality of the collection. With equal care taken in conceptual design, to final application, the Super Collection has been highly considered at every step of the process.

Bankston Architectural Sans Arc Collection
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