Beautiful Brass

Brass finishes vary from highly polished brass to satin, brushed, acid washed, burnished and antique – just to name a few options! 

Brass is a beautiful base material to use for your door hardware regardless of the ‘finish’ you choose for the surface of your hardware. There are so many benefits of using brass based hardware over other metals:

  • Brass products will not rust

Brass is an alloy made up of copper, zinc and other elements. As it does not contain iron, it does not rust. While brass does not rust, it will over time (depending on the finish) begin to patina and develop unique depths of colour.

  • Brass is extremely durable

One of the biggest benefits of using brass is that it is extremely durable. When brass is coated to help protect it, it has been proven to be 300% more durable than coatings applied to straight zinc hardware.

  • The decorative ability of brass

A variety of finishes can be applied to brass to cater to different styles and situations. Some of the decorative brass finishes available from our suppliers are described below.

Satin Brass or ‘Champagne Brass’

To achieve this durable finish, a forged brass product is lightly finished on a polishing wheel before a clear satin lacquer is applied to protect the surface and maintain the finished appearance.Satin Brass can be effortlessly paired with your other kitchen and bathroom fittings for a seamless look. The ultimate in urban luxury, make a statement with Satin brass.To maintain this finish, clean regularly with a soft damp cloth and be sure to keep dry.

Polished Brass

To craft Polished Brass forged brass is polished at high speed to achieve a mirror finish which is then protected by applying a clear lacquer. Polished Brass is a lacquered, organic finish and the initial polished appearance of the brass will mature over time to develop a beautiful patina and unique character. To maintain this finish, clean regularly with a soft damp cloth and be sure to keep dry.


Brushed Brass

Brushed brass is brass that has been brushed with a special tool, creating abrasions that all follow the same direction. These brush marks create a matte effect, which reduces the shine on the brass to create a more subdued, elegant effect.

Acid Washed Brass

The acid washed brass finish has been designed to patina and evolve over time. These solid brass pieces have been given an acid wash treatment so they will beautifully age but at a much slower rate to raw brass hardware. The areas of these pieces that are touched will stay lighter, whilst the areas that aren’t will become darker. This is due to oxidising with the natural atmosphere over the years of exposure. Due to this kind of treatment, these pieces can be used in exterior as well as salty areas, which will only further deepen the antique brass look.

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