Matt Black

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Diverse in its application, Matt Black defies trends, adding depth and intensity to any project.

Whether trying to achieve a bold colour contrast or impart an aura of luxury, Matt Black can instantly transform a space.

Matt black hardware will add an interesting visual element to any room in your home, being contrasting feature on cabinetry and is particularly well suited to modern and contemporary homes. However, it can also be used to add some old world luxury to a more traditional space.

Matt Black hardware provides a striking contrast on white or timber applications and has been the cornerstone finish of the popular ‘Hamptons’ look.

Be inspired by the matt black finish from Bankston Architectural and Tradco which is both durable and highly aesthetic.

The matt black range of door hardware from Zanda Architectural is perfect for those looking for a little luxury on their project, or just that special something that sets a room apart from the rest.

The carbon black finish from Hepburn Hardware is an elegant matte powdery finish. The carbon black finish is oxidised and gives a dark brown/black tone. This finish will slightly patina over time for a dark mottled look in a modern matte finish.

Hepburn Hardware have also recently released their Kew, Surrey, Henley, Highlands and Ascot range in a new Scorched Black finish. To obtain this charcoal black look, this hardware has been put in a furnace and burnt. The brass then takes on the mottled scorched black look, which will also age over time. With use the brass undertones will slowly come through where it is touched the most, giving you a unique living finish. Due to this kind of treatment, these pieces can be used in exterior as well as salty areas, which will only deepen the scorched brass look.

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