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Pressed metal panels were used primarily to replace moulded ceilings & cornice from around 1880 up to the mid 1930’s. They were particularly popular in Federation & Victorian style homes & shop front awnings of the period.

Our pressed metal panels are sourced from Pressed Tin Panels ®, an Australian, family owned & run business that has been in operation since 1999 – located in Bathurst -Central West NSW.

Pressed Tin Panels ® specialise in the reproduction of the Wunderlich Pressed Metal products that were originally produced from the late 1800’s to the cease of production in the 1950’s. The Sydney based production company was established by Ernest Wunderlich and specialised in the production of thousands of varied decorative panels, cornices, ceiling roses and architectural features.

Pressed Tin Panels ® use special grade metals aluminium, copper, zinc and galvanised to achieve a high standard of pattern impression, design consistency and accuracy.

There are three standard sizes for panels. Not all patterns are available in all sizes.

– 621mm x 1837mm or 2ft x 6ft approx.
– 925mm x 1840mm or 3ft x 6ft approx.
– 470mm x 620mm or 1.5ft x 2ft approx (project size)

Visit our showroom to view the full range of sample panels and discuss your project with our sales consultants or visit our online shop to purchase panels.

Bathroom wall panels

Powdercoated panels are a practical finish for your shower or bathroom walls.

Kitchen splashbacks

Originally designed for ceilings and walls, powdercoated panels are ideal for kitchen and laundry splashbacks.

Pressed metal panels

Create stunning features in all areas of your build including, walls, bar and kitchen island fronts and alfresco areas.

Decorative ceiling panels

A huge range of locally pressed panels to create a wow factor in your renovation or new build. Both large and small repeat patterns are suitable.

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